Repair Process

When your vehicle arrives at the shop for repair the first thing we do is walk around the vehicle with you and review all related and non-related damage. At this time you will have an opportunity to explain to us all details of the accident so that we can comprehensively write an accurate estimate. Doing this helps us look at all aspects of the damage that may not be visible but need attention, things such as suspension damage or undercarriage damage.The next thing we do is a preliminary tear-down to reveal all of the damage. We then write an accurate estimate or supplement to the original estimate, we then get approval and an agreed upon price with you or your insurance company to proceed with ordering parts.

As soon as parts arrive a certified technician starts the repairs. After all new parts are fit and any structure damage is repaired the vehicle moves to the paint department where the finish is applied. It then moves to the reassembly area to be put back together.

The last steps are final polishing, detailing, test driving if applicable then a final Quality Check by your estimator to be sure all repairs were completed in their entirety. You will then be called and notified that your vehicle has been returned to its prewreck condition and is ready for delivery to you.

Paint Used For Auto Body Work